Spatial Abandonment

Spatial Abandonment was the dissertation project for my MSc. The project was created to act as a preservation and documentation of the abandoned Nicosia International Airport and the atmosphere within it. The airport lies abandoned in the UN controlled buffer zone in the divided capital of Cyprus. The idea was to create an interactive experience for the public which allows them to roam freely within a space that is otherwise inaccessible, immersing them within the eerie, decaying nature of the once modern interior. The supporting documentation was an exploration of the airport within the context of Marc Auge's theory of non-place.

A Mage's Will


This project was done as part of the Game Design Studio course of my MSc. The task was to create a game environment which had elements of game design. After teaming up with Vivianna Susanna halfway to the deadline, we combined our narratives and created a short game instead. The players would need to find pieces of a painting that were scattered around the level which, once completed would summon a door to conclude the narrative and game. certain doors were locked, which they had to unlock by collecting 'resonance'.


The narrative had to be based on fedran, an open source fantasy world. The level design, programming, animations and particle systems were created by me, as well as the narrative system and menus. The texturing, modelling and sounds were done by my partner. Unity Collaborate was used since I was at a distance. The game was completed in under a month and was the first complete game created by either of us. An executable of the game can be provided upon request.



omnipresent is an AR app that aims to spread the omnipresence of nature in the abundance of concrete that we live in today. It was completed as part of the Digital Playgrounds for the Online Public course for my MSc, aiming to produce a project that would engage the audience in a conversation about the suppressing nature of humanity's comforts.

The app was developed for iOS using C# in Unity and the Wikitude SDK.The app allows users to augment plants around their surroundings. Plants and trees were created using a trial version of PlantFactory, the app interface was built in Unity and compiled in XCode. The missing polygons in the plants were due to the PlantFactory software being a trial version. This project has limitations that come from ARKit support on older devices (iPhone 6S), leading to incorrect plane detection with Wikitude.



The first game I created. A prototype of a serious game concept, the 2D RPG game was part of a Serious Games module within which the aim was to create a game that could raise awareness about recidivism to young offenders. The story is that the players are stuck in prison and they have to be good inmates in order to reduce their sentence. The creation of this prototype was to be done using assets that have a Creative Commons license.

The game mechanics were based on psychological concepts that have been proven to resonate with young offenders, as well as creating a system that encourages them to read tips on anger management and personal development before progressing in the game. Interactive dialogues that change the amount of time players spend in prison is also part of this, since the dialogues present moral dilemmas to the player.



SolarVR was done as part of my undergraduate degree. The project was in two parts, creating a prototype VR game/experience and using the game engine to create content for a promotional trailer for it. The prototype allowed users to use the Vive controllers for flying around the solar system in a superman-like fashion. Once close enough to a planet, they would be presented with cards that had detailed information about the planets and their physical properties.

The promotional video was done using recordings from the game engine, with transition screens created in After effects. The personal ident in the intro was done using After Effects, and the NTU flag ident was rendered in Maya.